#31 | 2013 ~ The Unfolding Year of myGloryBox

2013. It was a Majestic Year. TRULY. It was FULL, with lots and lots of personal highlights. I would say that this year has been my most creative year, ever!

I have written the most, run the most, shared the most…in 2013.

“Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them so go out and start creating.” – Holstee Manifesto

Here are my 2013 highlights.

  • image4The Wruddy (writing buddy) connection happened. Oh, I didn’t realise that nothing happened until March. That was when Chiqui and I started our creative writing ultra-marathon. Our wruddy-ship pretty much became a writing energy source. Most notable of the Chiqui-shares is Brené Brown’s “Daring Greatly“. And so I did.
  • “Eating better” just got betterer. I met quinoa, chia, kale, pepitas among others. I gave the cold shoulder to carbs and fructose as much as I could. But I do catch up with them from time to time. I became an active green smoothie drinker and a devout juicer.
  • We played more often, outside! There were 6 bushwalks/hikes and countless bike rides.
My Rock Stars

My Rock Stars

  • "Kuya Migo, look at the camera!" - Gabo

    “Kuya Migo, look at the camera!” – Gabo

    30 Days of Blogging in May. Writing is a muscle, and I flexed for 30 days non-stop. It was the most heart opening experience I have had since childbirth. Heck, it was like childbirth! It was painful, scary, exhilirating, breathless and boy was it an awakening. So this is why people write memoirs. It’s not to share, that’s secondary. It is more to know thyself and to dig deep into the murky waters of a forgotten past and to face one’s inner demons. And make peace. Always to make peace with people, places, and events.



  • Giving blood to Red Cross. My bucket list #24. I’m sure you don’t want to see any blood in this blog :)
  • 25 years of togetherness. Enough said :)
  • Japan in 12 Days ~ a total sensory experience. Japan is more than a holiday full of seascapes or landscapes. We must go back!


  • And finally, myGloryBox has proudly become a gym junkie!

Oh and I got to read another #TwelveBooks (a blog is coming soon about that). And I had a one-night stand with Pepper Potts/Meredith/Ms B.

Can you see how exciting 2014 looks to me right now? If I continue doing as I did in 2013, I’d live another FULL year. So, let’s get on with it, shall we?!

In all these, YOU, my beloved readers, witnessed my unfolding….so THANK YOU again for keeping me company and giving me your precious precious attention.

See you next post!