#27 | I cannot THANK YOU enough!

20131121-224751.jpgThe very first thing I do when I wake up is to reach for my iPhone and scan my emails.

This may sound pathetic to some of you but I have really come to embrace and accept that I like doing this. It’s that first 15 minutes of my waking moment that I am the most lucid and fresh. And if I wake up early with 30 minutes extra under my belt, then it is in those first 30 mins of my day that I also do some of my “better” writing. I write after i read my emails. I get inspiration after I read, you see.

So yes I scan what IOS calls “All Inboxes”. What do I look for? I am on the look out for new posts from my favourite bloggers. Over the past 6 months, I followed a few more random strangers in addition to my all time favourite blogger Sarah Wilson.

This morning, Brian Gardner, the geeky guy who owns StudioPress and who designs themes for  websites (of which my very own myGlorybox uses), wrote a rare note. He promised to write more often. Yes, this web designer likes writing too. There are a lot of unpublished people out there who are expressing themselves and sharing their writing to the whole wide webbed world. The internet has really given people like us freedom and wings and audience. Most importantly, a reading audience.

Writings are meant to be read. I do espouse that we must write like no one is reading, this means to write unguardedly. However, I believe that it should be a two way highway.  We are like children. We are “driven by the attention we receive”, Brian Gardner writes.

I like that you are reading this, and reached this point of my post. I like that you “LIKE” me a lot, and that you time and time again, click on my latest notification that “Hey I have created something new again today. Please read me.” 

I have said that for the past 200+ days. Heck, I’ve been asking you to read me since 2009, when I started blogging. Writing opens me up, breaks me apart, and breaks me down. My writing gives you a window, no…it’s way bigger than that… a door into my very soul. I am vulnerable and I am naked. {Oops I lie. I am only a quarter naked with you. This be the truth.} And because you do not cringe nor stay away from me, but you actually keep coming back for more… this tells me that I have your acceptance. I think you have gone past curiosity and amusement of my blurtings…You and I, we have an ongoing romance yet you do not know it. But I do. We have a romance. See, writing multiplies my emotions a hundred-fold! I even find your attention romantic!

Have I Thanked You enough for reading me? For taking 5 minutes of your precious life to read yet again another mGB brain fart or inanity or, if it is a good day, a sharing that actually moves or inspires you?  Without you, my writing will not see the light of day. It will languish in the silence and loneliness of the Evernote App notebooks.

You mean the world to me. In my writing world and in my personal world. I actually don’t know all of you. I would have wanted, really really wanted, to thank each one of you. But the FB “Likes” I get in WordPress do not show your name.

I encourage you to leave me a note or your name and a short HI at the bottom of this post. So i can thank you personally for following me.

I know some of you. Because you leave footprints or crumb prints behind. Crumbs that I greedily devour! Little notes which I liken to treasures. My little gold nuggets.

I salute you for keeping me company.
I appreciate your time and attention.

With all my heart, I THANK YOU.

PS. One of these days, you will find, I will offend you with what I have written. When that day comes, I hope our bond is strong enough for you to overcome your annoyance. Be offended, then let’s move on. We’re free spirits, you and I. And of course there are crappy writings, of which you have seen plenty. And yet you still read, I am grateful!

Why can’t I seem to end this post???

THE END {na nga}!

I leave you with Ms. Morissette…a most beautiful THANK YOU song!

Thank you India, thank you terror
Thank you disillusionment
Thank you frailty, thank you consequence
Thank you, thank you, silence


  1. Thank you Cha for the reminder to be grateful. Thank you too for reading me one of the very few I know. I share your view in many many ways :)

  2. Thank you for writing candidly and openly that it feels like we are just talking. Over a cuppa, while walking or even while swooning over that Robert Downey and Sting duet! Oh em gee!! Thanks Cha! Let’s catch up in person one day!

    1. Oh thoughts of a cuppa are giving me warm feelings! Not to mention RDJ and Sting….haha. Grabe din ang connections natin ano? I look forward to seeing you one day <3

  3. Mutter…hehe Hey, surely you have a lot of followers although already, some maybe lurking “pero basig shy ra sila or wa sila mahunahunaan na isuwat…puede baya na nimo itrack imo no. of visitors ug asa sad sila gikan, ang uban bloggers ako kaila naa, kabaw tingali diay ka ana” hehe Typing “hehe” has become a habit dear…just like a period. hehe ana jud.
    Keep it going Chacha…Cheers!!!

    1. I will call you “hehe” from now on. Yes I can see which country my blog traffic is coming from, as well as which blog is popular. What I cannot see is if “senga” is lurking and reading about “How was your weekend”…that tickled me you know. Nag-hehe jud ko. Salamat sa imong pagbasa-basa indai. Good on ya!

  4. Cha, I always find your writings interesting. I can easily follow them. It is like you articulating loudly some of my thoughts stuck in the corner of my brain. 😉

  5. I now understand why you volunteered to make a blog for me. Though I’m much older than you, I need to learn a thing or two from you about writing or expressing my thoughts. What I am afraid of is that I might not have the maturity needed to put into words my thoughts without being offensive. In that, you are way ahead of me. I think one needs to be emotionally mature to be an effective communicator. Thanks, Cha, for inspiring me.

    1. Tita Jo!!! Thank you for leaving a reply. Na-inspire din ako sa brave words ninyo. I often have to tone down a bit…which I really shouldn’t. Because this is what writing should be about ~ authenticity. I started a new blog for that ~ http://mgbunguarded.wordpress.com/category/about/
      Now, that’s bleeding all over the page LOLs!

      Thank you for reading me Tita Jo. I am grateful for your time…..