#49 | Mind tricks

It’s very simple.

At 43, I now understand how folk achieve so much in life. Climb the Mt Everest, consistently win Formula One Grand Prix Championships, or finish marathons. Then there’s also building your own business, earn your first million dollars, publish a book.

All these accomplishments are achieved through sheer will and spirit grit.

Time and time again, I’ve read and heard about the power of the mind. But it was only through running that this point is driven home. Into my heart.

Achievements are 70% desire/passion/drive/will… call it what you like. The remaining 30% is hard work. You can even increase the proportion of desire to a higher percentage, some may even say 90% motivation, 10% work.

“Inspiration fires you up. Motivation keeps you burning!” – Stuart Aken


Here are some mind tricks I devised to boost my energy levels and calm my nerves.

1/ New specialist socks. My Thorlo socks may not make me run faster, but it will give me confidence that I will be running blister-free, and will have less reason to not finish a race.

2/ New shorts, with bright happy colors. It has a nifty small pocket for my key and a dollar note/credit card. Wearing it makes me feel good. Feeling good will help me reach the finish line.

3/ Energy gels. I’ve read that it is essential to boost energy levels with shots of sugar, caffeine, salt and whateverelse, while running. So OK. Better to have it than not. All the better for my mind to tell my legs to run through my fatigue. Especially at the 10km mark of a 21km half marathon!

4/ Compression aids. I debated on wearing my SKINS full length leggings on the day of my first half marathon. It could get too warm. So I will settle for a left leg compression bandage. It does not look pretty. But it will help trick my mind to ignore any niggling knee pains.

What mind tricks do you employ to cope and achieve your goals?


Mind over matter works for me!


  1. I am so proud of you. Go for it.
    ” Nothing can come into your experience unless you summon it through persistent thoughts.” The Secret.

  2. You continue to inspire me Cha, even if mine is only on a treadmill or just a walk around our block :).

  3. Anna-pot!
    I am both excited and nervous about my upcoming adventure. I am soooo putting myself out there. I fear….failure. But at the same time, it gives me such a boost to share, and be cheered. Do you have a word for this? So I will just follow the flow of my heart and mind. Thank you for being WITH ME. Cha

  4. Oh dear…It feels nice to keep reading what others experience in running. It makes me feel of what I have been through. Yeah, having leggings will definitely feel hot. I wish you all the best…

  5. Olen dear,

    I am stoked by your message. Na-inspire din ako. I needed this today. I too started with walking and irregular running back in 2010. Then then…naging addict na! LOLs!
    Thank you for reading, Always!