#43 | Yoga Lessons ~ A Shedding

Tania, our yoga teacher, grouped us in 3s and made each girl do a handstand. One girl holds the legs of the girl doing the handstand, and the second girl supports the hips.

Ohmygoodness. It was so exciting. I went first and I did it. Funny thing though, I couldn’t really tell if my legs were straight up pointing into the ceiling. The two girls assured me they were…

I think I will try to do a daily practice handstand every morning. I will get up at 5.45am, use the wall for support, and spend 15 minutes making a fool of myself! (Update: Since this resolve, I’ve only practiced once. The biggest obstacle was my fear. I had to overcome the fear first before I could even walk my feet up the wall! Did I do it? Of course not! Yet. But practice makes perfect… I will keep you posted!)

This week’s yoga lesson ~ A Shedding.

“Have you noticed how the trees are starting to turn?”, asked Tania.

Tania is of course referring to the changing colours of autumn leaves from green to fiery oranges, reds and browns.

A tree needs to shed its old leaves (=old ways) and get ready to bloom into spring!

What a beautiful metaphor! It’s a shedding of old habits to give way to new ways, new interests, new hobbies, new friendships, new beginnings and a new way of thinking. It’s a chance to shed things that do not make us happy and healthy.

Autumn is a chance to let go. Let us surrender to the changing of seasons.

Make way for a new LOVE; a new JOURNEY; a new YOU.


Grabbed from ~ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nourish-with-Tania/413728598703759