#42 | Schrodinger’s Cat


His shirt.

One of the things I learned from TBBT (The Big Bang Theory) was about Schrodinger’s Cat. I will assume that you have not heard of it. It’s from an old episode that we may have seen…hmmm…3-4 times over. But still I don’t get it. Ariel loved this theory so much he bought a shirt about it! Who does that? My husband does!

Schrödinger’s cat is a thought experiment, sometimes described as a paradox, devised by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. It illustrates what he saw as the problem of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics applied to everyday objects. The scenario presents a cat that may be both alive and dead, depending on an earlier random event. – Wikipedia

Wikipedia goes on and on and oh-so-very esoteric with a multitude of jargon. Tonight, that episode was shown again. AND I FINALLY GOT IT!

Sheldon explained. It means that a cat is put in a box, with some kind of poison in a vial. The poison is released inside the box at a random time. So WE do not know if the cat is alive or dead inside the box. The only way we will know is by OPENING IT.

The metaphor.

When we are on the verge of something, and we do not know if we will fail or succeed……We just have to open the box to know! We just have to jump into our fear TO KNOW!

ENJOY Penny and Sheldon.


The Schrodinger’s Cat shirt.



  1. Ang galing! kalalom! Pang intellectual hehe It also reminds me of the Laws of Attraction and Serendipity. It makes me wonder. I have to watch TBBT. I remember when I was at your place, you were watching that show. Wow, the four of you were watching together and sige mo ug katawa and agik-ik, labi na ikaw hehe Kami ni Tita, we were watching The Blacklist which also feels exciting.