#15 | I want that Wintersong Theme

I want One, Brian!

I open my Inbox and look what I find
A new post from my favourite Sarah McLachlan fan
Brian Gardner is announcing a giveaway of which I want one
It’s about a new theme called Wintersong

Wintersong is simple and clean
Just the right kind of minimalist for my queen
You see I don’t want this for me
I want to give it to someone who inspires me
Someone who took me in a journey
Into a world of self expression and discovery
Of keeping the hand moving and writing

My writing buddy and I write daily to each other
To inspire, conspire and aspire
To create, learn, grow and fly
We push and we pull as we soar in the sky
I owe her so much my supreme ChiquiKat
This Wintersong theme is just the right touch
To express my boundless Thank you very much
It’s pristine and serene; truly a perfect match

I beg and I plead; I pray that you take heed
From a Sting fan {me} to a Sarah fan {Brian}
There is a song that we all love
Sarah McLachlan’s Angel it is called
My writing buddy sang this two years ago
So here it is without further ado

Thank you, Brian
For a chance to express my whim
More power to you and your SUPERLATIVE team!

Big Love,

Chiqui sings Sarah McLachlan’s Angel. She blogs at Back2Basics. Hope you like her cover version…

This is a response to Brian Gardner’s Wintersong Theme Giveaway. Brian is the creator/founder of StudioPress and the Genesis Framework. Of which this website is proudly using. Even if I don’t win, I enjoyed what I’ve done here!


We won we won. My tongue in cheek bid earned extra credits and we were one of twelve Wintersong Theme winners! Read up on the accolades here.


    1. There there now
      We can celebrate now
      Because we have won wow
      But but big BUT….
      It’s a little bit complicated but
      Let’s try a different comp…Pot-nut!