#16 | What do Sting, Running and Writing have in common?

This post is inspired by Brian Gardner. Brian is a techie who designs website templates. Get it? He designed my website theme. He is Mr. STUDIO PRESS. This blog is using the Mocha Child Theme of the Genesis Framework. Here is Brian’s original blogpost regarding the 3 words that describe him. His 3 are – Starbucks, Mountains and Running.

Let’s go back to my question.

The idea is to describe yourself in three words. How do you project yourself out there? That is, to social networks at large.

Sting. Running. Writing.

What comes to your mind?

I struggled with the last two. Why? Because I am not there yet. I don’t see myself as a runner. Heck, I want to be one. Perhaps when I finish a marathon, that word will sit better on my shoulders. But not yet.

And writing?

We all know marami pa akong kakaining kanin (I have to eat more rice)! Hence the practice writings and the blogging.

So what three words fit and sit comfortably with me?

Sting. Fitness noob. Blogging.

There. That’s better. I can breathe easy now. Because those three words spell Charina!

Now, it’s your turn. What three words do YOU project to the world wide web? And is it different from what you want or what you aspire to project?

A food for your thoughts!

Much Love,

PS. Hello Brian. This is another blog towards my bid for a Wintersong Theme free gift! Three words to describe Wintersong ~ Clean. Pristine. Serene.

For new readers, if you have time, check out my first bid for the Wintersong theme written here!

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