66 | my first marathon story ~ a mental battle

Event: Gold Coast Airport Marathon, July 5, 2015

Soon after reaching the finish line, my crew joined me on the grass where I did my usual cool down stretch routine. I didn’t feel too bad after over five hours of running. All my toenails were intact; I had no blisters, no chafes, no knee, calf, nor ankle pain. Just all around fatigue in a very massive way. I really got off lightly for a first marathon.

It was just freaking long and it took forever to finish.

Ariel handed me a Magnum ice cream and it tasted heavenly. I didn’t feel like eating any of the food on offer at the race precinct. I opted to have instant mee goreng (pansit) instead back at the hotel. That tasted heavenly too. Hahaha. It would seem that all my senses were heightened post marathon!

I really want to write a detailed race recap. I must admit that everything went by in a blur, but i will try my best to share my story. More so for me as a reminder of my folly when I grow old…

My family watched Forrest Gump the night before the big day. I needed the inspiration and it succeeded in pumping me up. I slept early, around 10.00pm, but I kept on waking up. I woke up at 11.30pm, at 1am, at 3am. I finally got up at 4am, then tinkered with my iPhone for the next 15 minutes. Breakfast was just two toasts with peanut butter and jam. No eggs, no avocado, just a no-frills carb brekky so as not to upset the tummy. It was of utmost importance not to eat anything spicy nor greasy days before the marathon. After brekky, a visit to the toilet was a must! Ariel and I left the apartment hotel at 5.30am. He couldn’t board the bus to the race precinct as only runners were allowed on it. I was on my own onwards. Was I nervous? Not too much. I was more nervous during the lead up, such that I think I kinda squeezed the anxiety out of my system. I went into autopilot. The experience of 4 half marathons kicked in.

I arrived at the race precinct a bit past 6am. I had plenty of time to muck around and get my bearings. I made three trips to the toilet, three! A lady I chatted on the toilet queue said it was her fourth! I love it when I chat up random strangers like we were friends. I guess we do have a common bond, and soon, a shared experience. Besides we can’t wait to share our running CV to each other! I did my warm up stretches, my dynamic leg swings and my 40 lunges. I was ready to rock and roll.

The weather was a cool 10°C with no hint of rain. I did pack a poncho just in case. I also packed a banana (I ate half at KM30), 5 gels (I only had two), cut protein bar (that I never ate), a hanky (for nose drips 😝), sanitary napkin (my monthly period has a habit of visiting during an event), some wet ones (in case of a toilet emergency) and lots of jelly beans. All these I packed into my Flipbelt and a bum bag (sorry Dungho😝).

The start gun went off at at 7.20am, and 6,118 runners headed south of the Gold Coast esplanade. Mums and dads, lolos and lolas of all sizes outnumbered young people in their twenties. I was relaxed, I was in my zone. I imagined phantom pains everywhere in my legs the day before, but they were a no-show today. There were so many Asian tourists from Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan and Malaysia. What with direct bargain flights from those countries. They added colour and banter into the “seriousness” of us Aussies. They ran with flags and selfie sticks and go-pro gadgets. We, the locals simply ran with our earphones! Everyone was friendly and supportive, we were united in our own goals that day – to give our very best.


A wave from Surfers Paradise…5KM done, 37.2 to go. Rats!

My coach and hubby Ariel reminded me weeks before that this marathon was equivalent to only 8 parkruns and a bit. So at KM5, I ticked off one parkrun with 7 to go. (Please look up your nearest 5K free parkrun and give it a go!)

my support crew followed me around. i made sure that my first marathon was not just my own experience but for my boys too. i wanted to teach them to dare greatly and to fail gloriously. to always start something new, enjoy the process and always be a FINISHER.

At KM9, I saw my family with so much glee. Ariel, Gabo and Migo were in pre-agreed vantage points. Migo was carrying the placard they made for me which read ~ “Finish what you started, mum!” Ariel later told me that people loved their placard. One dude even joked near the finish line, “Did your mum finish?”

I was feeling A-OK at KM10, my pace was at an even 7mins/km, my desired pace. At this point, I decided to listen to my newly purchased audible book called “Running like a girl”. It served me well for the next 20Ks coz it was witty and funny in a natural way. I took my first energy gel here. The temperature rose to 21 degrees with hardly any shade, so I made sure I drank at every water station, even if some were just sips as I felt my tummy becoming queasy early on.  This marathon ran alongside the water for 40% of the time. To break the monotony, I entertained myself by soaking in the breathtaking ocean views. A gentle breeze whispered and soothed us warm runners.

We also encountered the lead pack at this stage, they were already on their way back to the north where the finish line was. Oh my, how fast can these elite athletes fly! Japanese women won the top 3 female medals. I have utmost respect for these female athletes. In fact, I have increased respect to all marathoners hands down regardless of finish times. It was becoming apparent to me that race day itself was tougher than the months of training.

I allowed myself one toilet break at KM15. I high fived so many kids cheering their mums/dads along the course. My heart swelled at their little smiles. One little kid said “oh that hurt but yes!” after getting a high five from an enthused runner.

At KM 24, my friend Brenda rang me. I told her the other week that I will ring her at the hardest part of my run. But here she was now, ringing me instead. Because I was already beginning to tire at this stage, I kept our conversation brief. I told her I was feeling fine and that I was in KM24. It was true, I felt fine, despite my right quad giving me grief. A familiar small cramp arrived, but nothing I could not handle.

This cramp moved to the left quad later. Then disappeared altogether after I ignored it. My half marathons taught me that depending on the severity of a cramp, some cramps can be ignored. I didn’t even stop to stretch, I just kept going. I didn’t mind people overtaking me. You can’t let that bother you. In the end, I know, I will be overtaking them!

I again see my kids and hubby. This time, I stopped to have my photo taken. Hey, I am running for 5 hours, what’s a few seconds lost?

At KM30, I started having a brain fade. The endless stretch of road seemed super wide and infinitely long to me. I chose to run in the middle where the ground was even, to keep my hips in complete alignment, right on the white line as some kind of dazed entertainment. I allowed myself to walk by the drinking stations. I obsessed at reaching KM35. This was a mistake. Focusing on long distances can play havoc in one’s mind. Our biggest enemy, I do declare, is not our bodies. The enemy is our monkey minds! In retrospect, I should have focused on other things such as, what will be my next challenge (a yoga headstand!), what is my reward waiting at the finish line, why am I taking all this punishment, my next upcoming holiday, my boys, and Roxy whom I missed dearly! I really wanted to stop right there. It was not fun anymore. Did I bite more than I could chew? I switched to music and I heard Sia blasting “Elastic Heart”.

I want this so bad, it hurts!

What a relief to arrive at KM35 and how excruciating it was to get there! One more parkrun to go and a bit. If I remember it right, this was the turnaround point; and this was when I stopped every 2 kilometers and wasted time. Looking at my Garmin, I realised I will never make sub-5 hours. So I might as well give myself a break and go easy. I jogged/walked for the next 5 kilometers. There were so many walkers around me by this time (people started walking at KM30). In fact, I felt like I was the only one shuffling along. The temptation to walk was great, it’s like when someone yawns, everybody else yawns too. I did my best to keep shuffling as much as I could, overtaking everybody around me, keeping my walk breaks short. I felt like Wonder Woman. I saw a fit guy and a fit girl, and I am overtaking them ~ Woohoo! My new goal was to finish at sub 5:30 hours.

At KM39, Brenda rang me again. I was waiting for her call and we chatted a bit. What a friend, how very supportive and very loving. I don’t think I deserve someone super like that. It’s making me teary thinking about it now.

my emo moment at KM40 where all the looong hours of training at the gym and on the road, my injuries, 4 half marathons, thousands of kilometers and the 18 months of Hard Work came bearing down on me in a rush! i felt so flipping alive and dare i say… reborn?!

At KM40, I felt a surge of happiness, a victory even. I can finish this. So I went to the side of the road to take a moment, faced the ocean surf which was so inviting, and said a silent prayer of thanks. Never have I felt so alive. I felt my humanity, my vulnerability, my insanity. I was grateful and I was humbled by this experience. A few folks had to be medically attended to on the side of the road. I saw one woman crying. And here I was, intact and about to become a marathoner.

As if by magic, I felt my leaden legs wake up. I found renewed (emotional) energy. I ran with all my heart the last 2.2 kilometers. Towards the end of a race, when all energy is sapped, your heart’s desire will take you to the finish line. I wasn’t jogging nor shuffling anymore, I was in full stride, or so it seemed  to me.

The spectator support was unbelievable. The Running Mums Australia Facebook support group made a big difference throughout the morning. I kept getting waves and big yells of “go running mum”. The magic of the RMA shirt was in full throttle, I am glad i wore it today. I knew I couldn’t do this alone. One running mum even crossed the road to get closer to me and high fived me.

And so I finished “strong” at heart. My finish time was 5 hours and 26 minutes. 26 minutes more than I intended to. But I couldn’t have done any better. It was a case of mental fatigue, nothing else. But hey, I learned plenty about myself today. I grew as a person. I was curious, I was hungry, I dared bravely. I risked failing and falling flat on my face.

My most important takeaway was ~ I can achieve what I can imagine with the right training, motivation and attitude. Improved nutrition and increased fitness are necessary inputs. Yes, it is called hard work, so it must be something you LOVEAnyone can do this too methinks. Well maybe not the full marathon but certainly anyone can do a half marathon!

my marathon journey has taken me to depths and heights within myself i have never been to. running is life-altering. i have finally found the thing that I didn’t know i was looking for! #TheGreatestLoveOfAll

I am now a marathoner. And yes I am getting used to “Daring Greatly”. (Thank you, Brene Brown).

“If you are going to fail, fail gloriously.” – Cate Blanchett

PS: Will I run a marathon again? Honestly, I answered an emphatic NO to that question immediately after the marathon. This was my reply to my dearest friend Weng when I poured my race recap to her as I always do. But the next morning, when my runner’s high (I am still highly strung) woke me up at 3am, thoughts of my next marathon plan swirled in my brain. I became so alert suddenly, that I had to write this blog. My question to other marathoners reading this, does it get any better after the first?

First marathon finish time: 5:26 hours
Goal: To finish  ~ Achieved
Secondary goal: To finish under five hours ~ Failed


I just ‘slayed’ a marathon!

65 | Leaping Into 2015 ~ Another Year of Being Awesome

I am struck with the “writing procrastination” bug. Two weeks ago, I wanted to blog about my 2014 recap, and new goals for 2015. Alas, my monkey mind came up with many excuses. Should I or should I not? – was the question I asked myself daily. I went inside “a room” where I think you, yes YOU, are tired of reading me. This happens to me sometimes. Fortunately, I always find the will to get out of that room, and enter another room called “write for you and you alone”.

And so here I am, on January the 4th, finally listening to myself, and flashing a bright light to my awesome Year Of Being Awesome! A peek of my goals last year is here. 2014 was a year of firsts in my running “career”.

A 2014 Re-cap

I read and listened to 11 books, I am still finishing my twelfth for 2014. Our second (ever) snow holiday at Mt Buller finally happened. I didn’t really count the number of hikes/walks we did, but it should be close to 6. I also aimed to write for 52 weeks or at least 52 blog posts…I managed 31 original posts plus 6 shares. Not quite 52, but I hope you’re OK with 31+6, as I am.

We are the stories we tell ourselves. So tell yourself positive stories…


2014 Brag Haul :)

My 2014 highlights as you know were my “3 half marathons in 6 months” plus 9 months of training. WOW. A marathoner I know in real life told me to work on my speed for short distances during the off season (summer time) while preparing for my next challenge. So as a last minute HURRAH on the 27th of December, I took up his challenge and ran a personal best for the 5 kilometre distance with a time of under 30 minutes (a sub-30 5K)! It was gruelling, painful, and rather pointless (to my monkey mind), but I did it anyway. (Note: I am a 7min/km runner. A sub-30 equates to 6min/km)

I have attempted a sub-30 three times at three park runs.  I failed 3 times. Finally, I told Ariel that in order to have a crack at sub-30 (my last attempt was 31.30mins), we need to do parkruns for 2 Saturdays in a row. During the hardest and hilliest part of the run, thoughts of returning the next Saturday swirled around in my head. What is more disheartening than failing? It’s the thought of doing it all over again, and failing….again! That’s how I won my personal 5K challenge ~ I didn’t want to keep attempting!

Leaping into 2015


Last year was 800Ks. Let’s run at least 1,000 Kms in 2015!

I am mentally and emotionally ready for 2015. The new challenge is to prepare my body to run up to 5 hours for 42kms! I have 6 months until my date with First Marathon at the Gold Coast. During the year, I also plan to pick up another half marathon medal, a City2Surf run with my boys, a 10K PB and more parkruns. 

My 3 R’s in 2015 ~ RUN. NOURISH. WRITE. 

There will also be a big shift in my food intake. If 2014 was all about going low on sugar and carbs, 2015 will be about going LOW ON MEAT. I will not commit to completely going 100% plant-based, because I will always have eggs, yogurt, seafood and the weekend bacon treat. As Rich Roll suggested, we must “aim for progress not perfection”.

The daily writing to my *Wruddy will continue, and perhaps another shot at 52 blog posts. 

What are your 2015 goals?

*Wruddy – writing buddy


Leaping into 2015 by conquering myself, one kilometre at a time :)


Share 4 | Meet IN-Q, a Spoken Word Artist, and the Power of Words!

But first, meet Rich Roll. I love this man. I love what he does. I love what he represents. He “came” to my world just in the right time via an IG friend. Who would have thought Instagram can do that?! And that is why I love Instagram.

So anyway, Rich Roll is an ultra-distance triathlete, a plant-based diet advocate and someone who is on a mission “to light fires, catalyse change, broaden horizons… motivate and inspire you to discover, unlock, unleash your best, most authentic self.” Rich does this by doing interviews on podcasts. He has scintillating conversations with the movers and the shakers of this world, not the rich and famous, but your every day people who successfully overhauled their lives via better nutrition, exercise and self-expression.

Enter In-Q. 

What a man. What an artist. What a poet.

I am captivated. Listen up with the link below and tell me what you think. To be sure, I’ve posted two kinds of links, whatever works for you, my lovelies!


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Share 3: Meet SLOMO, the man who got away from The Matrix

Dr. John Kitchin quit a medical career to pursue his passion: skating along the boardwalk of San Diego’s Pacific Beach. He calls himself “Slomo.”

An extract from The New York Times, written by John Izenberg ~ http://nyti.ms/1lkXluH

I’ve long been fascinated by people who make seismic changes late in life. It goes against the mainstream narrative: Grow up, pick a career, stick it out, retire. I was also curious about Slomo’s concept of “the zone,” a realm of pure subjectivity and connectedness that he achieves through his skating. The only thing Slomo loves more than being in the zone is talking about the zone, so it wasn’t hard to persuade him to take part in a documentary film.

Slomo’s combination of candor and eloquence made him a natural on camera, and his background as a neurologist legitimized his metaphysical theories about skating, lateral motion and the brain. But like many of the people who saw him skating by, I couldn’t help wondering: was this guynuts, or was he onto something? And was his mantra – “Do what you want to” – translatable to those of us without the nest egg of a retired doctor? But just like the throngs of Slomo fans on Pacific Beach, I couldn’t get enough of him, and was determined to capture the effect he had on people in a cinematic way.

Watch the short movie, trust me, this is worth 16 minutes of your life.

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64 | “I Know Nothing”

Written 6th of October 2014
Soon after my second Half Marathon finish

Until this weekend, I really did not know what I was doing. I have run two half marathons and I still know nothing. Ok that is a bit harsh, change that to ~ I know next to nothing!

Hey, it s me. You can do this too! #believe #inspire #aspire

Hey, it s me. Lolas rule! #believe #inspire #aspire

That picture you see, the smiling happy one at the finish line? It belies all the pain and the looong road to get to the FINISH. Honestly, looking at someone’s finish line photo does not give anyone an idea, not an iota of what went on behind the run ~ the gruelling hours of pounding the pavement. If the finisher completed a half marathon, he/she would have averaged 20Ks every single week for at least 12 weeks of training. And a full marathon? That runner with such relief and joy at the finish line ran over 40Kms+ for 4 to 5 months just to get to the start line. 40Kms is like 4 to 6 hours every week on the road ~ solitary, enduring, and oh so lonely. But this is what makes runners happy. The suffering on the road, and the endorphin rush at the end of a long run.

I had no idea.

So we talked about weekly mileage during training. There are also injuries that plague an average runner unless one is a superman or wonder woman. What a noob I was. I thought I can just get up on Saturday mornings, lace up, and fly the heck out into the road. Sure, that is the right idea, if I was doing just a 5K every week. But once I tried to increase my mileage, say to a 10K, my knees started to ache, my ankles were in pain, I experienced stomach stiches, my shins hurt, even my butt was now sore! I felt my age, like a lola (grandma)! And what about my breathing? I huffed and I puffed like the magic dragon!

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63 | 8 Things I Learned (About Myself) When I Started Running

I love this process, this self-improvement train ride that I am on. Choo-Choo!

Since I started running, I learned ~

1. That I am stronger that I thought I was. I mean physically. I think I know, no make that, I believe that I am strong emotionally and mentally. After all, I did raise a special needs child into a wonderful human being that he is now (more by him but nurtured by hubby and I), there is a certain amount of resiliency in that. Other things in my life also prove that I have the mettle to make big changes such as migrating to a foreign country and leading a successful life ~ career- wise and otherwise. But physically? In my mind, I am weak. Running has proven that I am not. I am capable of improving myself. I am able to train to run faster (my brand of “faster” that is) and last longer. 21 kilometers, if that ain’t strong, then I don’t know what is. Maybe 42 kilometers? That’s the next goal!

2. That one must have a goal more than “lose weight”. Leading a healthy lifestyle requires a certain amount of Goal-Keeping. What does that mean? I eat better, my food choices are more mindful, and I eat only what my body needs. Because I cannot be running around with excess kilos around. For how can I achieve my speed and distance goals if I don’t take care of my kilos?

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62 | All This Waiting

It was mid-day at work.

I sat there in front of my keyboard when something dawned on me. I realised quite epiphany-like that “life is a constant state of waiting”. There is not enough being in the moment. In the contrary we are always waiting for something to happen, then there is also that state of constant wanting (read: the grass on the other side of the fence seem to be greener always!)

I am waiting for my Belong broadband to be connected. (We are moving to a new internet provider)
I am waiting for my third half marathon event to occur (Nov 2).
I am waiting for a property purchase to settle soon.
I am waiting for a whole lot of people at work to complete their tasks because I have dependencies on them!

I keep waiting, I keep waiting….

I wait for email responses. I wait for lunch break. I wait for gym time when work finishes.

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61 | Find your inner 5 year old

When we were five years old, do you remember how we did what we damn well pleased?

The book Running & Being: The Total Experience by Dr George Sheehan has been a heart-mind-eye opener. Dr Sheehan writes about going back to our 5 year old selves. That age when we viewed our world as our playground. It was a time when money had no meaning, food on the table did not worry us, and mortgages were unheard of.

We were fearless. We jumped over (small) chairs and tables, we climbed (small) trees like Tarzan and Jane. We poked and pushed our physical boundaries and our parent’s ‘annoy’ buttons.

We were curious. We asked a lot of questions, we thought out loud, we were very tactless. Our inquiring minds were pure and filled with wonder. We did not worry about what-ifs. We were only concerned with why-nots. Shy, we weren’t!

We pursued PLAY like there was no tomorrow. We played hard from sunup to sundown. Amoy-araw, mabantot! But we were free and happy. We sang with abandon and danced like Michael Jackson.

Our imagination ran wild. We pretended to “live” under the stairs in our own castles (bahay-bahayan). I remember how I drove wildly in my “pretend racing car” that was my Grandma Glen’s Singer sewing machine!
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60 | Becoming THAT GIRL

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be like that girl. Smart, beautiful, top of her class, popular and a little bit beyond reach. Well, my reach at least. Maybe because I was speechless around her, I followed her from a distance around the school campus. Long before Facebook and Instagram came, I was already an observer, to put it prettily. But just the same, it was my brand of stalking. I took note of all the things she liked, what she did, who her friends were, what she wore, what she read, how she breathed… Ok, that last part is an exaggeration, but you get the picture, yes?

Oh how I wanted that girl to “like” me, to “see” me, to know I exist…I wanted to be her friend, her sister, her barkada.

As I grew older and moved on to corporate and married life, that girl evolved in my vivid imagination. I kept up with my mental image of her and her myriad of accomplishments. I continued to aspire to be like her.

I see her as someone who wakes up in the morning quite early to begin the day doing what she loves most. She laces up her shoes and shows up on the street come rain or come shine. That girl goes to the gym regularly and makes time for that very special part of the day to exercise and invigorate. She values her health through fitness and eating clean.

“The body determines our mental and spiritual energies. With the new body we can put on the new person and build a new life…No life can be completely lived without being lived completely on a physical level.” – Dr. George Sheehan, Running and Being

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59 | ‘Boyhood’ ~ a coming-of-age movie collage

20140905-200232-72152030.jpgRichard Linklater’s Boyhood is a long narrative without a plot shot over a period of 12 years from 2002-2013. The cast met a few weeks each year to shoot the movie. Major actors contributed to the story as director Linklater really didn’t have an established story line. He simply wanted to chronicle what kids do, what they feel, what they have to deal with growing up.

Mason and older sister Samantha grew up with single mother Olivia, played by Patricia Arquette. Absentee Dad is our favourite, Ethan Hawke. Just like the Sunrise movies, we see Ethan transform over a period of 12 years! Imagine that. I am a big fan of Ethan’s movie projects. According to Wikipedia, Richard Linklater told Ethan to finish the film if the former died before the movie finished production.

Mason, over 12 years. (Source: www.motherjones.com)

Mason, over 12 years. (Source: www.motherjones.com)

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. For months now, I have been trying to pin down the single dominant reason for my running obsession. Oh I have a long laundry list of all the reasons that come to mind.

It’s my therapy, it’s my protein shake.
I run when i am happy, I run when i am sad.
It is painful, it is joyful.
It fulfills me, it drains me.
It is an outpouring of all emotions.
It is my prayer, yet I curse every kilometer.
It is freedom, it is my form of suffering.
Because to suffer is to grow and to transform.
Running gives me physical strength.
It gives me supernatural powers to cope and to fend.

You know what, to be very very honest, the above is all blustery flappity-fluff!

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58 | Curiosity. Creativity. Ambition.

‘Twas an ordinary Tuesday at work. I casually browsed our weekly internal newsletter and my eyes caught a note about Google’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand holding a TechTalk at 12.30pm. I rang Pepper Potts and announced that we were going to have an early lunch because we are attending a one hour mind-opening talk. She thanked me later for dragging her. :)

I hold an almost obscene fascination for strong women…period. For Maile Carnegie to be head of Google? Well, that just makes my fascination become romantic. There she was, standing tall, confident and quite friendly (I find) in front of a packed auditorium filled with Optus employess who either skipped lunch or shortened their lunch hour just to hear a Google executive speak. Even before she opened her mouth, the whole talk was already a success!

Ms Carnegie, before joining Google a couple of years ago, was head of Procter and Gamble Australia and New Zealand. She came from a traditional old-school company that makes household products, to a tech giant that keeps changing the world and keeps adding new buzzwords to our vocabulary.

“Disrupt yourself. ~ myGloryBox.com

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Share 1: The Art of Living With Purpose by Rich Roll

A fantastically long excerpt that gripped me so much, I just need to put it up on my own blog…for repeat-reading!

Somehow I found the means to cast aside the endless chatter of the thinking mind. To be fair, fear retained a foothold of precious real estate in my consciousness. But I found the wherewithal to nonetheless move forward in the face of it.  And ignore the often unbearable social pressures relentlessly driving to derail me.  I focused on the heart.  I relied on faith.  I got comfortable with the uncomfortable.  I embraced the mystery of not knowing what the next day might bring.  And at every turn, I focused on how I could be of service to others.  Because there is gigantic, undeniable truth in the edict that when you give, you get back tenfold.

As a result, I have somehow persevered. Broken through into a new life.  An impossible astounding life beyond what I previously thought possible.  Today, I’m a bestselling author.  An in-demand public speaker.  A popular podcast host.  An accomplished athlete.  A respected wellness advocate.  And over the last year I have been paid handsomely to travel to exotic places I never imagined I would ever lay eyes on, investing in service and experience. Creating a legacy. And yes, I remain a happily married family man.  But more than anything, I am content.  Comfortable in my own skin, with a deep knowing that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

I’m not saying this to brag.  Nor to suggest that you ignore real world responsibilities.  Only to share that the limits we impose upon ourselves are generally illusory.  And driven primarily by fear.  Fear of failure.  Fear of success. Fear of the unknown.  Fear of discomfort.  Fear of financial insecurity.  Fear of what others might think.  All told, fear of everything.

And fear is not your friend.  Not now, not ever. [Read more…]

57 | Migo’s 2nd City2Surf ~ Jog.Walk.Calm Down. Repeat.

Route: Hyde Park to Bondi Beach
Distance: 14km of winding uphill/downhill road race

NOTE: Last year’s City2Surf recap that you can read later is here.

Someone is having too much fun!

Someone is having too much fun!

I looked forward to City2Surf this year. It’s the kind of event that you can bring your entire family along. That means, it’s an event where runners can, if they want to, forget about chasing a Personal Best (PB). My goal was simply to enjoy the festive atmosphere and walk/jog with my eldest son who has autism #forthefunofit. So I ditched the Runkeeper app on my iPhone but kept my Garmin watch to monitor how we are going and not to tire Miguel. It was very important that I kept him relaxed, as he has been prone to loud outbursts lately (puberty perhaps?). I also took plenty of pictures along the course.

Unlike last year when all four of us ran, only 15yo Migo and myself did City2Surf. My 14yo was not interested and Ariel opted to be our support crew (Read: Chauffer and Chef for that important post-race refueling. He prepared pork sinigang and garlic infused fried chicken for our late lunch. Busog-tsarap!)

Migo's highlight!

Migo’s highlight!

My event highlight was Migo besting his time last year by 17 massive minutes. 17 minutes is equivalent to hours in the running world! His new PB is now 2 hours and 15 minutes. Hurray, Migo! This time included one trip to the loo and lots of photo-ops.

He complained less this year. There were no groans of ‘painful tummy’ nor ‘painful legs’. You must understand that Migo dislikes discomfort of any kind. And pushing him to continuously jog for more than 2 kilometers is a very tall ask. However, with his consistent weekend 5km jogs with either myself or Ariel, I’d like to think that he had good preparation leading to race day.

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